Singapore’s tourism businesses are currently reopening under the government’s SG Clean Quality Mark.

While looks like Australians won’t be jumping on Asian flights any time in the very near future, it’s worth noting that Singapore’s tourism businesses are currently reopening primarily to a domestic market. Nearly 30 of its key attractions are now open, including the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, the new Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park attractions, Raffles Hotel and Tiong Bahru Market, now allowed to operate at 25 percent of maximum capacity.

Citywide safety measures include self-check temperature kiosks at key Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) and bus interchanges in the city. The contactless kiosks take about two seconds to take your temperature.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore has also received the SG Clean Quality Mark, a new government initiative that certifies venues. The Fullerton has been independently audited for new, stricter sanitation measures.

Singapore appears to be one destination that’s focused on a safer tourism recovery

In order to receive the SG Clean Quality Mark – the stamp of assurance that demonstrates a venue is SG Clean – operators will have to pass audits by government agencies or third-party assessors that certify their premises have adhered to the sector-specific sanitation, hygiene checklists and advisories. The checklists and advisories are tailored to the requirements and operations of the various businesses and cover areas such as management oversight, cleaning methodology, toilet cleanliness and general public hygiene.

Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park is spread over 14,000 square metres and is home to more than 1400 trees and palms.
Jewel Changi Airport’s Manulife Sky Nets are walking nets straddle a five-storey void, making them best reserved for true thrill seekers.

SG Clean certifications obtained by the various establishments are valid until June 2021 and there will be re-audits to ensure establishments still maintain the health and sanitation standards. More than 9,000 establishments have obtained the SG Clean Quality Mark to date, following the launch of the initiative in February 2020. Categories of premises available to be certified include hawker centres, tourism establishments, retail and food and beverage establishments and transport nodes.

As we look forward to a post Coronavirus travel ban, Singapore appears to be one destination that’s focused on a cleaner and hopefully safer tourism recovery.

Super Tree Grove at Gardens by the Bay – photo: Coleen Rivas
Tiong Bahru Market offers a fresh and vibrant selection of regional fruits. It is now open for trade having received the SG Clean Quality Mark.

For more details on safe (future) travel to Singapore visit:

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