Essentials Magazine Australia Complains Handling Policy

Essentials Magazine Australia Pty Ltd considers reader complains seriously. It has a policy of dealing with complains in a helpful way to assist readers. This is conducted in a multi-stage process.

1. Making a complaint

Any person or organisation can make a complaint to the Essentials Magazine Australia without a fee. They must do so by submitting the complaints by email or by telephone.

Complaints can be made about material published in print or digital form. Complaints may relate to news reports, articles, editorials, images and other material.

Essentials Magazine Australia does not consider complaints about advertising, except where the complaint is relating to material is not clearly identifiable as advertising.

Complainants must tell Essentials Magazine Australia if they have commenced legal proceedings in relation to the material about which they are complaining, or if there is a reasonable possibility that they may do so.

2. Review of complaint

Most complaints are finalised at this level, either by an agreed outcome being negotiated or the matter being discontinued. Essentials Magazine Australia’s staff begin by considering and, if necessary, investigating the issues before issuing a response.

In most cases Essentials Magazine Australia will respond to the complainant within or before a 30 day timeframe.

3. Working Toward a Agreed Outcome

There may be further communication with the complainant to clarify the issues and explore the possibility of an outcome which each of them is willing to accept. Possible outcomes from discussions with publications include:

• an informal expression of regret by the publication;

• publication of balancing material;

• publication of a correction, clarification or apology in an agreed form;

• amendment or removal of material on a website;

• commitments about future coverage of particular people or issues.

Making a Complaint via The Australian Press Council

In situations where a complaint outcome cannot be agreed upon, Essentials Magazine Australia advise the complainant to seek further assistance from the Australian Press Council, and invite the complainant to submit their complain via the following website:

Notifications to the general public about how to make complaints:

The following statement is published within easily accessible pages within Essentials Magazine Australia’s print publications and online website and digital apps. It is aimed at assisting members of the general pubic in making complaints.

How to Make a Complaint

Readers my directly submit a complaint via the complaints form below. This will be directed to the editor. Alternatively a complain can be directed via the Australian Press Council, see details below.

Submit a Complaint

    The Australian Press Council

    Essentials Magazine Australia follows the Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council. If you believe the standards may have been breached, you can contact Essentials Magazine Australia directly or approach Essentials Magazine Australia by emailing or calling 02 9261 1930 or 1800 025 712.

    For further information, see