Colour of Raven is a new release Australian wine that’s set to hit our tables for Christmas 2019. It is in fact a red, however appears inky deep black in colour.

The  wine can change from jet black to a purple, bluish tinge and a dark red in various lights, similar like the feathers of the Raven. The deepest dark colour is brought about by a rich Cabernet Sauvignon grape from the Limestone Coast in South Australia, delivering blackcurrant fruit on the nose. Ageing in oak barrels gives this wine a complexity of bramble fruit and herbaceous flavours on the palate. It’s a wonderfully crafted drop that’s sure to please those who love rich  and complex reds.

What is Black Wine?

Black wine isn’t black because of food colouring or food science trickery. It is simply very dark red wine. When you pour it, its legs – the streaks that appear on the inside of the glass – will appear red, but if you put your hand under the glass and look down, it will appear inky and completely opaque.

Colour of Raven – Black Wine

The Colour of Raven has been produced by one of Australia’s leading wineries, Andrew Peace Wines, Piangil (near Swan Hill), Victoria. Since its first vintage in 1996, the company has focused on a highly successful export program, selling about 95 per cent of its product into Europe, the UK, the US and Asia. It’s become a household name to British wine lovers and is the fifth biggest-selling Australian wine brand in the UK. Now, thanks to representation by Melbourne-based sales agent Wine Connexions and other leading distributors around the nation, the winery is gaining a respected following in Australia.

To order The Colour of Raven for Christmas 2019 (and we suggest you do!), visit

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