Kefir is fermented milk and an amazing source of probiotics. Blue Bay Kefir, from Mornington, Victoria (in our opinion) is Australia’s best, as it’s made from premium organic milk, has no added thickeners or preservatives.

Kefir contains probiotics capable of colonising the gut, where they improve cholesterol metabolism and promote a healthier immune system. They also help balance good and bad bacteria and are effective in managing gastroenteritis. There is evidence to show that kefir consumption has been associated with improvements in people suffering from diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies and autoimmune disorders. This makes it a fantastic ingredient for cooking.

Blue Bay Kefir, from Mornington, Victoria has no added thickeners or preservatives – it can last a good six weeks on the fridge shelf.

This unleavened kefir pizza dough recipe showcases the diversity of this unique dairy superfood ingredient.

Unleavened Kefir Pizza Dough

Makes approximately 1kg of dough

5 cups strong bread flour
2 cups Blue Bay Kefir
½ cup water
40ml Australian extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp salt


1. In a large bowl mix together flour, kefir, water and olive oil. Continue to mix until well combined.

2. Remove from bowl and place onto a floured work surface.

3. Knead for several minutes until dough becomes smooth.

4. Return the dough to bowl and cover with a damp cloth. Allow to prove overnight at room temperature.

Note: You can culture your dough for 12-24 hours. This relaxes the glutens in the dough and makes it easier to digest. It also gives a more authentic pizza crust when cooked.

5. Once proved, return the dough to a floured work surface and knead in the salt. You are now ready to roll out your pizza bases and cook.

Pissaladière (French-style Pizza)

Pissaladière (French-style Pizza)
Make sure you check out our Pissaladière (French-style Pizza) recipe, using this kefir dough.

Blue Bay Dairy
6 Latham St, Mornington, Victoria

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