We’ve sampled more than a handful of infused Australian olive oils from various producers in our time. These often experimental products can be hit and miss in terms of flavour balance, sometimes overpowering the subtleties of a premium quality oil. While infused oils always provide a great talking point at markets and produce doors, in most cases, we’ve handed over our cash for a non infused oil; perhaps being not inspired enough to consider cooking with it. But with the new releases from Kakadu Plum Co., we see a significant change.

Recently launched, the Kakadu Plum Co. 100% Australian cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils with two distinct native Australian flavours: lemon myrtle and native Tasmanian pepper, are outstanding releases that deserve your attention. Why? Because they’re totally moorish, perfectly balanced, and most of all do inspire creative cooking.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Lemon Myrtle (RRP: $17.95) is a product we adore, as it’s one of the few lemon myrtle infused olive oils we’ve sampled that is so well balanced in its subtly. As my four-year-old in-house sidekick reviewer noted, it tastes a little like lime juice – and I feel he’s spot on. Considering this, it would make a great accompaniment to an Aussie inspired guacamole; or as a flavour enhancing drizzle topping with chilli prawns or grilled fish. It could also work well as a creative ingredient within desserts or baking. A lemon myrtle infused custard comes to mind or added to Nigella Lawson’s famous Venetian olive oil carrot cake – which is a gem of a recipe.

The key here really is the very subtle lemon myrtle flavour infusion within the oil. Kakadu Plum Co. have genuinely got the balance right here.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Tasmanian Native Pepper (RRP: $17.95) has a beautifully complex flavour – slightly nutty-tasting with notes of chocolate and caramel layering the palate. It finishes with a back palate peppery edge, making it well suited to salads and poached, steamed or grilled freshwater fish and seafood dishes. It would be equally at home as a unique seasoning to kangaroo loin by way of enhancing the meat’s rich and well-rounded sweetness.

It’s also a perfect dipping oil to indulge in when paired with fresh crusty bread. And a pleasing way to introduce your family and friends to this delicate native Australian spice. We adore this infusion, totally brilliant.

Kakadu Plum Co. 100% Australian cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils with two distinct native Australian flavours: lemon myrtle and native Tasmanian pepper

Kakadu Plum Co. is a social enterprise that celebrates Indigenous culture and traditional Australian bush foods by broadening the exposure of traditional Australian bush foods. It works directly with traditional owners (Indigenous Australians) who harvest natural bush food ingredients for their products, giving back to the community and providing sustainable incomes.

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