Good news for Hobart’s waterfront, Tasmania’s oldest brewery Moo Brew – owned by David Walsh, founder of Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art – is launching its newest venture. The brewery has signed a lease on a property in the prime waterfront destination of Salamanca (Hobart) and logically, will be developing an unconventional venue to match its unconventional beers.

Moo Brew explains the venue will feature drinks galore, salty snacks, and an atmosphere fit for David Walsh. This, we assume, means anything is possible, and/or be prepared for a little shock factor, as we’re told this new establishment will provide Tasmanians and tourists with a taste of Mona in the city.

The beer bottle that inspired a brewery
Crushing it – Moo Brew’s icon range

The venue – part taphouse, part bar – will house a nano-brewery for concocting experimental brews in situ and offer Moo Brew’s classic and well-loved range of beers. The venue will also serve outstanding wines from the Moorilla and Domaine A labels, alongside an array of food and beverage options to suit all other appetites.

On signing the lease, Moo Brew General Manager Lauren Sheppard said: ‘As you’d expect from a brewery whose origin story began with the bottle, Moo Brew doesn’t always take the obvious route. Opening a venue is the next stage of our journey, and we could not be more excited to be doing it in Salamanca and doing it our way.’

Located a stone’s throw from Brooke Street Pier – home of the Mona Roma ferry terminal – the venue is set to begin welcoming punters from the end of the year, approvals permitting.


Lauren Sheppard, General Manager of Moo Brew

Moo Brew is the largest craft beer brewery in Tasmania, with a swag of awards and a reputation for embracing the unconventional. Moo Brew began life in 2005 when David Walsh found a beer bottle he liked whilst travelling overseas and decided he’d need to build a brewery to fill it. Nowadays, Moo Brew is helmed by Head Brewer Jack Viney and General Manager Lauren Sheppard.

Moo Brew
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