As part of a new international campaign, Voices for the Rainforest, launched this week by Rainforest Rescue and BioPak, a series of brilliantly crafted artworks will be displayed across the globe on new compostable coffee cups. The campaign will fund a new tree nursery and increased capacity for re-planting in the Australian Daintree Rainforest.

Olympian and NBA player Patty Mills, singer/songwriter Ziggy Alberts and fashion designer Camilla Franks are among 18 global stars creating exclusive artworks to raise awareness for the Daintree Rainforest. They join world-renowned and award-winning Australian photographers Darren Jew and Jasmine Carey – both QLDers.

Made entirely of plants and certified compostable, the eco-friendly BioCup Art Series cups are made by Australian B-Corp BioPak. They will promote the message – an urgent plea – to help protect one of the world’s most essential and ancient ecosystems.

Rainforest Rescue’s BioPak Art Series cups have launched internationally

Rainforest Rescue CEO Branden Barber shared his sentiment, reinforcing the vital work that still needs to be done to save this rarest and precious ecosystem.

‘Working with artists who’ve used their voices to call for the rainforest’s protection, and the part we all play in that, is inspiring,’ Branden explains. ‘Rainforests play a critical role in fighting climate change with thirty percent of the world’s CO2 emissions are being stored in our rainforests.’

‘Most people don’t realise that the Daintree is at risk of development, and we will work to stop that while also restoring degraded rainforest habitat for the benefit of the myriad species of the Daintree.’

Fashion designer Camilla Franks with her BioCup Art Series design

BioPak Founder, Richard Fine, is delighted to partner with Rainforest Rescue to help raise awareness of the conservation efforts.

‘Reforestation and conservation are essential to building a better, more sustainable future. Rainforest Rescue, we have been able to participate in the restoration and protection of The Daintree rainforest since 2012,’ says Richard. ‘I encourage all businesses and consumers who care about the health of our planet to support, share and donate.’

Rainforest Rescue explains that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and that vast carbon stores are locked within trees and soil. Unfortunately, the earth loses 18.7 million acres of forests per year, equal to 27 soccer fields every minute!

Funds raised will aid the development and support the operations of a new Rainforest Rescue Nursery that will help grow 150,000 trees per year and increase Rainforest Rescue’s capacity to rescue and protect the unprotected Daintree – the world’s most ancient rainforest.

We at Essentials feel Rainforest Rescue’s work is critical and encourage all cafe and coffee drinkers to get on board, buy a cup and/or donate.

Rainforest Rescue Tree Planting Group

Rainforest Rescue Donations
Donations can be made easily via a unique QR code on each BioCup Art Series Cup or by visiting:

How to order the new Art Series cups for your Cafe
Cafes can order 1000 Art Series cups for $90 from:

Rainforest Rescue’s Kristin Canning using the Compost Connect collection bin at Apollo Cafe, Brisbane

Cafes can join Compost Connect
Cafes nationwide can join Compost Connect, which regularly turns and turns compostable cups back into the soil. For $8 per week, they can provide a customer cup bin and arrange weekly collections. It’s an excellent way for cafes and coffee lovers to care for our planet.

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