Winemaker and proprietor Richard Tallis of Tallis Wines in Dookie, Victoria, is a mighty talented, down-to-earth bloke whose knowledge, understanding and connection to the land though grape growing and winemaking is admirable. His Tallis 2017 Riesling is a class-leading wine that features bright lifted aromas of cumquats and melon, coupled with a rich, round mouthfeel that’s layered with mixed citrus, the best of summer’s stone fruit flavours and a deeper buttery, ripe pear element It’s a must-try.

In comparison, the Tallis 2018 Riesling features more simplified honeydew melon aromas; but it’s no less a successful wine, having captured the attention of judges at the 2018 Dookie Show. It was awarded Gold, no doubt due to its fantastic aromatics combined with a clean and attractive acidity.

The winery is also famous for its highly aromatic and wonderfully balanced Viognier. Owner/winemaker Richard Tallis explains that the 2018 Rosé is a delicately pressed dedicated premium wine (not free run) made from shiraz grapes. It features lifted musk aromas, touched with just a hint of sweetness. Like the riesling, this is complemented by a fresh, very classy acidity that livens the palate.

Winemaker Richard Tallis with Cellar Door Manager Mel Mintern
Tallis Wine Cellar Door

In terms of wineries with online cellar door sales to help you get through COVID-19 restrictions, we couldn’t think of a more fitting winery to discover through the joys of aroma and taste alone. The product is outstanding and service deliveries are prompt.

195 Major Plains Road, Dookie, Victoria
Tel 0437 825 547

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