Vanuatu’s Aore Island Resort is staying ahead of the curve by catering to a growing market of sober-curious travellers. The days of extravagant cocktails by the pool are fading as the demand for non-alcoholic drinks surges, even in the laid-back beachfront bars of luxurious island resorts like Aore.

Lisa Gray, the owner of Aore Island Resort, acknowledges this significant shift in travellers’ preferences. Not too long ago, guests would unwind with several poolside or beach bar cocktails, but now, the resort receives more requests for mocktails, low-alcohol options, and fresh juices.

Vanuatu’s Aore Island Resort is Australian owned

In response to this trend, the resort proactively reached out to the renowned Australian brand, Lyre’s, which specialises in non-alcoholic spirits. The aim was to provide guests with elegant, enticing, non-alcoholic cocktails that rival their traditional alcoholic counterparts. Starting in June, Aore Island Resort will feature a range of sophisticated Lyre’s non-alcoholic cocktails on its drinks menu, making it one of the pioneers in Vanuatu to do so.

Kelli McPhie, Vice President of Lyre’s Australia and New Zealand, is thrilled about this partnership. The company recognises the significant shift in drinking habits over the past few years, from complete abstinence to mindful drinking and a rise in sober curious individuals. Collaborating with a beautiful resort like Aore and offering their non-alcoholic products to visiting guests is a fantastic opportunity for Lyre’s.

Lyre’s Coconut Mojito

Lyre’s mixologists have carefully curated a diverse menu of non-alcoholic cocktails to celebrate the partnership. One standout creation is the ‘Aore Coconut Mojito,’ capturing the vibrant colours and flavours of the tropical island. This refreshing and zesty beverage will be available at Aore’s Beachfront bar, and the recipe will also be accessible on Lyre’s website for those who wish to experience a taste of Vanuatu from the comfort of their homes.

About Aore Island Resort

Located on the northern island of Espiritu Santo, Aore Island Resort is easily accessible through direct flights from Brisbane, operated by Air Vanuatu. The resort offers a free airport transfer via a ten-minute private boat ride to Aore Island.

Owned by an Australian family, the resort provides guests complimentary tropical breakfasts featuring fresh fruit platters, bread, muffins, and made-to-order eggs each morning. The resort’s on-site restaurant, Nakamal, meaning ‘meeting room,’ serves delicious dishes made from fresh-caught seafood, market vegetables, herbs, and grass-fed beef from Espiritu Santo. The menu might include Poulet Fish (local snapper), Santo eye fillet beef, Singapore chilli crab, and island coconut curries.

At the Aore Beach Bar, guests can enjoy wood-fired pizzas, succulent BBQ grilled lobster, and refreshing drinks, including their specialty, the Lyre’s Coconut Mojito.

Accommodating couples and families, the resort offers studio bungalows for couples and one-bedroom bungalows suitable for four families.

Aore Island Resort
Aore Island (near Espiritu Santo), Vanuatu
Tel +67 836 705

Lyres Spirit Co.

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