Industry Beans was founded by brothers Steven and Trevor Simmons in Melbourne in 2010. Their vision was to roast high-quality specialty coffee in a carefully curated environment of transparency and accessibility to offer the ultimate coffee experience to their community.

In 2013 they opened the first Industry Beans venue: an all-under-one roof coffee roastery and brew bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. There, they won over coffee lovers and everyday brunch-goers alike and the business soon became recognised for its innovative approaches to fine coffee roasting. After ten years, Industry Beans has grown to now roast coffee and operate cafes in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Mr Black Roasters & Distillers was founded in Sydney in 2013 by awarded-distiller Philip Moore and designer-turned-coffee-snob Tom Baker. Together with Head Of Coffee, Detlef Mohr, they set about hand selecting specialty beans from premium growers of international origin, hand roasting and distilling what would become arguably Australia’s finest cold brew coffee liqueur.

Recently the two coffee fanatical companies have partnered to create these two ultimate Espresso Martini recipes:

Industry Beans X Mr Black Tropical Espresso Martini

30ml Dark Rum
20ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
30ml Industry Beans Cold Brew Concentrate
30ml Pineapple juice
10ml Honey

Shake, strain into coupette and garnish with a pineapple wedge

Industry Beans x Mr Black Chocolate Espresso Martini

60ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
15ml Industry Beans Cold Brew Concentrate
15ml Chocolate Liqueur
Grated dark chocolate to garnish

Shake, strain into martini glass and garnish with chocolate

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