Among the fields of milk thistle breathing salt sea air, Sailor’s Grave might well be Australia’s most lonesome brewery; however upon launching in 2016, partners Chris and Gabrielle Moore quickly proved that Orbost in East Gippsland was a unique place for crafting some mighty-fine ales.

Taking organic pickings from the region, their Sea Fret is a beautifully balanced light and refreshing wheat beer featuring coastal saltbush. Similar to a Belgium farm-house ale, it finishes with a gentle salty/earthy note that we just adore.

Chris and Gabrielle Moore
Sailor’s Grave Brewing Summer Farmhouse Ale

The historic Down She Gose beer (pronounced GO-zuh) has history stretching back 1000 years to the town of Goslar in Germany. For this beer Chris and Gabrielle add salt harvested from the ocean in front of their farm in Orbost plus locally sourced seaweed (Ulva Compressa – very similar to Sea Lettuce) for a minerally-marine touch. And in their First Harvest Grisette – a very drinkable farmhouse style brew – fresh cut hay from a neighbouring farm is added, as-well-as Victorian grown Shin-Cha tea and local Spotted Gum honey. the brew pours with a cloudy-straw colour and displays a thick and persistent head.

Sailors Grave Brewery, Orbost, Victoria

The Law of the Tongue, Smokey Oyster Stout (our favourite by a mile), is a rich and delicious brew that’s defined by its smokey/mineral flavours as the stout is brewed with South Coast smoked oysters and some well-balanced fresh acidity from Sunrise limes. …If only those poor Cape Conran sailors had drowned in Chris and Gab’s spoils rather than those  icy coastal waters. R.I.P.!

Sailor’s Grave Brewing
7 Forest Rd, Orbost, Victoria
Tel 0466 331 936

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