Suppose you’re currently exploring an endless string of online retailers on the hunt for a new coffee machine, looking for that perfect father’s day gift. Of course, you’re a decerning buyer, and what matters is the quality of construction, great looks and above all, a machine that can produce a decent cup. But if you’re anything like us, you might have discovered that the home barista market is now flooded with poorly designed units, and often assembled with more plastic parts than you can throw a coffee bean at. Not to mention a distinct and rather boring lack of intelligent features. But do not despair, Essentials’ favourite automatic coffee machine manufactures have thankfully come to the party.

JURA Australia has this week released their next-generation S8 fully automatic coffee machine, just in time for Father’s Day; and it comes with some valuable coffee-cool bonuses to make the gift-giving even greater.

With its sleek lines, sculptural design and sexy animated digital display functions, the stylish S line is a leap ahead from its compeditors, offering precision-poured cups of coffee every time. The JURA S8 combines the best elements of the JURA compact class units with many additional functions taken from the premium JURA machines, plus the bean grinding perfection of their flagship GIGA range.

The Father’s Day gift offer from JURA includes a bonus JURA Care Kit and a 3 month supply of coffee valued at $250 when you purchase any eligible JURA coffee machine between August 1 and September 12 2021.

The stylish S8 can create a full range of specialities coffees from espresso to latte, macchiato and more; all delivered effortlessly and to a masterful quality standard. Users can choose from 15 different speciality coffees with just a touch of the colour selection display.

Key upgrades to the next-gen S8 include adding the new Professional Aroma Grinder that provides 12.2 percent more grind aroma and a consistently high grind quality over the machine’s entire service life.

Another breakthrough is the Pulse Extraction Process, a method of coffee extraction where the machine forces the water at short, precisely measured intervals through the ground coffee.  As a result, the extract produces a maximum amount of aroma. ‘This may sound simple and plausible enough,’ explains JURA’s Laboratory Manager Reinhard Studer. ‘But the Pulse Extraction Process was the result of many months of painstakingly accurate work.’

For lovers of the perfect latte, the new professional fine foam frother on the S8 is made from the highest quality materials and has a stunning look and feel. Finally, updated graphics displaying accurate visual representations of coffee styles available at the touch of a button, ensure confidence and sublime ease of use.

If spending your days adjusting your grind, bar pressure, and barista-milk frothing style is perhaps not your thing, or your father’s, then the JURA S8’s ability to deliver great cups on demand makes this gift choice a no brainer.

The new JURA S8 is available now from $2,790 online at and selected electrical retailers, department stores, independents, and specialty outlets.

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