With more than two decades of experience in the coffee industry, Sydney based coffee aficionado and book author David Rosa has crafted what can only be described as the world’s most comprehensive coffee everything book The Artisan Roaster: revealing trade secrets, roasting tips, practical advice, hilarious anecdotes, tech specs, plus brief history on coffee – the book is a rewording and insightful new release. Some consider the self published book a modern bible, designed for aspiring roasters, business owner and coffee fanatics (we agree). The book also features stunning imagery and sleek layout, making it a great gift idea.

Mapping coffee origins the world over

Providing a long list of expert tips – generously shared – The Artisan Roaster covers everything you need to know to run a professional, rewarding business: from choosing a great location, fitting out a coffee roastery cafe and managing staff, to sourcing, roasting and blending speciality coffee.

Author David Rosa describes book as a one-stop-shop for all things coffee. ‘Whether you’re someone that’s looking to start your own coffee roastery, already an aspiring or professional coffee roaster, or even just someone who loves coffee, this book is a culmination of more than twenty years of knowledge and growth, including everything I’ve learned from starting my own successful coffee roastery and brand.’

Expert tips for starting your own roastery/cafe

Written in an engaging and easy-to-read tone, David’s latest release presents an honest perspective on how he worked as a successful Aussie businessman who later sold his highly-profitable roastery in 2016. Within its pages David touches on all aspects of establishing a roastery and the various pitfalls in running such a business. Much of what David shares is invaluable and we feel the content is informative and concise.

With a limited edition run of just 1,000 copies, The Artisan Roaster is a rare and iconic foodie book that deserves a second and third print run. It’s available for purchase worldwide from theartisanroaster.com, booktopia.com.au, and select book stores and coffee roasteries.

The Artisan Roaster by David Rosa

About David Rosa: David Rosa is an award-winning Australian coffee roaster with a twenty-year career in running a successful coffee roastery and brand. His previous experience in consumer marketing and advertising proved invaluable in setting up his coffee roastery café, Bay Coffee, from foundation until its sale in late 2016. He currently runs coffee roasting and industry-related courses along with providing private consultancy services.

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