The claim of Australia’s best is a big statement, but it’s one we’re willing to stand by. In the realm of frozen delights, Australian luxury ice cream brand Elato crafts exceptional, award-winning flavours; and does so without compromise. They are made from premium fresh ingredients and do not contain preservatives. The result is ice creams that taste wonderful and are better for your health. Elato’s latest creation – Fig Ripple, is a luxurious new addition to the range and is literally walking off the shelves at 400 Woolies stores around Australia, making sourcing the recently awarded product for our review challenging.

Product/Flavour Reviews:

Triple Vanilla

Elato’s Triple Vanilla ice cream is a celebration of creamy textures and eggy richness, infused with vanilla pod seeds that add both visual appeal and an authentic taste. Each scoop is a journey into the heart of a vanilla wonderland, where every bite showcases Elato’s dedication to natural and genuine flavours. It’s downright yummy.

Dark Chocolate Truffle

Elato’s Dark Chocolate Truffle ice cream is a sensory treat, offering a rich and decadent taste akin to a homemade dark chocolate mousse. The texture is velvety, and the added dusting of cocoa powder enhances the overall experience, leaving a delicate finish that chocolate enthusiasts will relish. Like a rich chocolate gelato ice cream, Elato’s Dark Chocolate Truffle manages to trump many of its Italian counterparts with a smoother texture and more complex depth of flavour.

Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte

Elato’s Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte ice cream is a smooth, deep espresso-flavoured indulgence for coffee aficionados. The distinct and deep cold brew coffee taste stands tall as an ice cream indulgence on its own; however, it is also a perfect canvas for complex desserts and milk drinks, adding the delightful espresso kick of freshly ground and extracted beans.
While it’s a decaffeinated product, we simply could not pick it. There’s no need to make an affogato; just dip your spoon into the tub!

Elato’s Fig Ripple was recently awarded Best Ice Cream at the 2023 Melbourne Royal Australian Food Awards

Fig Ripple

Elato’s new Fig Ripple flavour presents a surprising punch with its combined ingredients of dried figs, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, which is generously folded throughout as a mouth-watering jam. This offers a homemade gourmet ‘hatted restaurant’ style ice cream that continues to present more complex flavours with each spoon. The jam was developed in collaboration with SisterWorks, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit Social Enterprise that provides entrepreneurship and employment training and work placement to migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women in Australia. Elato’s Fig Ripple was recently awarded Best Ice Cream at the 2023 Melbourne Royal Australian Food Awards and, from all reports, is selling fast wherever it’s stocked. We had trouble sourcing the product for our review due to its popularity.

Supporting a Good Cause

Elato is not just about great ice cream; it’s about making a difference with proceeds from each tub supporting OzHarvest, a non-profit organisation rescuing surplus food from landfills and providing it to those in need. Elato has already contributed to the equivalent of over 10,000 meals.

Where to buy:

Elato ice cream is now available at over 600 Woolworths stores – the Fig Ripple flavour is sold in 400 Woolworths stores. It can be delivered via Uber Eats and MILKRUN. For more information, visit

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