Over the past couple of years Essentials has sampled a range of Victoria’s best boutique gins but non as impressively unique as Simon Brooke-Taylor and Wendy Williams’ new Yardarm and Evolution gins, produced at their Hurdle Creek Stillhouse at Bobinawarrah, (near Milawa) Victoria.

Made using their own barley and oat base spirit, these gins are vapour distilled – a process that allows subtle botanical flavours and fragrances to develop with an unmatched delicate integration. The Yardarm is infused with Macedonian juniper, coriander, citrus, pink peppercorns, hops and lemon myrtle; 14 botanicals in all. It has a distinctive citrus lift and finishes with a soft-spiced depth – a beautiful mix that’s also palate cleansing.

Evolution is a punchy little number, produced using traditional gin botanicals blended with a range of aniseed flavoured ingredients including home grown fennel and Australian aniseed myrtle – it’s a winner.

Many of the botanicals used at Hurdle Creek Still are either grown on site or sourced locally. Hurdle Creek Still gins are hand packed and come in 700ml and cheeky hand-bag sized 350ml bottles.

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