The unique freeze-dried range of ingredients from Fresh As has finally launched in Australia.

Keen to plate up desserts and savoury dishes like an uber-cool three-hat chef? Then you need to know about Fresh As – the Kiwi brand founded by Tommy Roff whose truly space-aged technology can freeze-dry just about any special food ingredient while retaining its shape and, in many cases, intensifying its flavours – as we discovered with their just awesome freeze-dried mandarin segments.

While Fresh As now supplies a long list of top restaurant chefs, Tommy explains that gaining acceptance and educating chefs was difficult at first. ‘In the first 5 years of operation we sold nothing’, says Tommy, ‘and we were close to giving up when Ben Shewry of Attica restaurant told us “You can’t stop!”’ Thankfully Ben next used Tommy’s freeze-dried raspberries and blackberries to craft the famous Terroir dessert and invited Tommy to Melbourne to share his products with more chefs. The meetings were a success and now Fresh As ingredients can be found in award-winning dishes around the globe, from Darren Purchese’s Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio (South Yarra, Melbourne) to Le Bernardin restaurant in New York.

The new Fresh As retail range includes an expansive list of ingredients, including feijoa segments, whole raspberries, blueberries, plum slices and fruit powders. These can be added to smoothies, used as a garnish or to add texture and taste to desserts or baked goods. Tommy believes his freeze-dried herb powders are the best, and suggests blending them with olive oil to make great rubs. We think the kaffir lime leaf, sage and sweet basil powders offer an easy and convenient way to work with unique flavours.

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