In Australia, tuna, salmon and kingfish are commonly used for sashimi in Japanese restaurants however in tropical North Queensland, coral trout, Spanish mackerel, tropical crayfish and scallops can be used. While you’ll need to ask your fishmonger for sashimi grade, ultra clean and fresh fish, preparing sashimi is not overly complex – just a freshly sharpened knife and a careful hand should assist in some well presented cuts. A few secret ingredients like Fresh As (brand) freeze dried yuzu juice and Australian grown Shima (brand) wasabi from Tasmania make wonderful accompaniments. Here are 3 of the best ways to flavour pair your raw fish.

Coral Trout (or Kingfish) with yuzu kosho and freshly grated wasabi (ball)

Yuzu Kosho: Makes 100g

Finely grate the rind of 8 limes, 2 lemons and ½ white grapefruit on a microplane, then pound with a mortar and pestle.

Finely chop 2 green bird’s eye chillies and add to citrus rind along with 1 tsp sea salt, then pound to a fine paste.

Add a little lime juice to thin the mixture slightly.

Peal outer edge of wasabi root, grate in circular motion, work the grated wasabi into a ball.

Tropical (or Southern) Crayfish with pickled daikon, tobiko, finger lime

Lightly pickle daikon strands in equal measures of water, white sugar, apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar, pinch of salt.

In a saucepan simmer to dissolve sugar and infuse flavours, remove from heat and cool completely.

Cut daikon with Japanese (fine) mandolin, toss through cooled pickling mix and strain.

The aim is to keep the daikon firm and fresh – the pickling mix is used more like dressing.

Garnish fish with tobiko (flying fish roe) and finger lime.

Sichuan Pepper Spanish Mackerel with ponzu jelly

Roll fish fillet in ground Sichuan pepper, wrap tightly with cling film and refrigerate before slicing.

To make ponzu jelly, blend ponzu sauce (citrus soy sauce) with fish stock (to taste), and set with gelatine leaves.

Fresh As (brand) freeze dried yuzu juice and Australian grown Shima (brand) wasabi from Tasmania make wonderful accompaniments.
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