Black garlic is garlic that has been naturally transformed to change not just its colour and texture but also its flavour. Gone is the pungent tang, replaced with a sweet mellow flavour that is reminiscent of molasses and caramel. Garlicious Grown black garlic starts life as quality hard-necked garlic grown in Braidwood in the New South Wales Southern Tablelands about an hour from Canberra. Garlicious Grown black garlic powder can be sprinkled over dishes or added to stocks and sauces to add flavour to everyday cooking.

Vanilla & Vodka-Cured Ocean Trout

½ cup rock salt
½ cup brown sugar
1 vanilla pod
1 x 1kg ocean trout fillet, cut from the thick part of the whole fillet, pin boned, skin on
¼ cup vodka


1. Place the salt and brown sugar in a food processor and pulse to combine well.

2. With a knife, split the vanilla pod lengthways. Reserve the split pod and smear the seeds over the flesh side of the trout.

3. Place the trout in a shallow dish, skin-side down. Sprinkle with the vodka and leave to cool in the fridge, covered, for 1 hour.

4. Combine the split vanilla pod with the salt and sugar mix and rub over the trout, pressing the vanilla pod into the skin.

5. Cover the fish in cling wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Garlicious® Grown black garlic

6. When ready to serve, remove the trout from the salt mixture – it will be quite wet by this stage. Wash off the remaining salt by running under cold water, then pat dry.

7. Using a sharp knife, carve thin slices of fish on an angle, discarding the skin.

Pickled Onion

1 white onion, finely sliced into rings
50ml water
Freshly squeezed juice of one lemon
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
4-5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil


1. In a large mixing bowl add water, lemon juice, sugar and salt; mix together well.

2. Add onion rings to the bowl and continue to stir making sure the onion is wet and covered.

3. Leave in a cool place to pickle for one hour.

4. Drain onion from pickling juice, reserving a little – approximately 20-30ml.

5. In a glass jar add the pickled onion rings, extra virgin olive oil and the reserved pickling juice.

6. Mix together well and refrigerate with lid on prior to serving.

To Serve

freshly sliced ciabatta bread
spreadable cream cheese
pickled onion
vanilla & vodka-cured ocean trout slices
Garlicious® Grown black garlic powder
fresh dill sprigs

Spread a generous amount of cream cheese over slices of ciabatta, top with cured ocean trout slices, pickled onion and season with black garlic powder, top with dill sprigs.

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