Designer Shelley Boyd, founder of Boyd Blue on why you don’t need to leave home to have a great holiday.

With interest rate rises and cost of living increases there is a growing trend towards ‘homecations’. All across the country, homes are being redesigned with a big emphasis on creating a resort-style, coastal vibe where everyone in the family can relax and embrace their increased home-time.

Whether you live in an inner-city apartment or a large rural property, there are numerous ways you can transition your home to serve new and different purposes. Spaces where we can entertain, work and most importantly, relax.

Creating a resort-style feel all starts with merging the indoor and outdoor spaces. It is important your outdoor space offers the same level of comfort as your indoor spaces. As a rule outdoor furniture should be luxuriously comfortable with plenty of space to both entertain and put your feet up.

Introducing a statement piece like a large, comfortable daybed is the perfect way to combine maximum comfort with indulgent resort-style living. While some of us might have space for an indulgent four-poster daybed, even a small balcony can be revamped with a modular sofa or hanging chair to create your own outdoor oasis.

The rise of the Homecation

Skyline Design offers a magnificent selection of outdoor furniture which feature in many major hotel chains around the world. Their pieces are all naturally inspired designed to mimic the natural environments.

Naturally Inspired Materials Bring the Outdoors In

We are drawn to spaces that evoke memories from far away spaces and laid back locales. This can be done in so many ways, from the materials we use to the selection of artwork and furniture and layout of our homes.
Natural materials filled with organic character and tactile materials bring a welcomed addition to interiors, reminding us of the beauty of the natural world around us. We want our indoor spaces to feel light, bright and airy, and this can be achieved with natural pieces which help invoke the beauty of coastal elegance. Materials like linens, corals, marble, raffian, abaca and fossilised clamshells are all timeless materials.
Boyd Blue offers a stunning collection of naturally inspired furniture utilising timeless natural materials. They celebrate nature in all its beauty, weaving curious layers of natural fibres, materials and textures with elegant shapes and ethereal design. From the perfectly refined to the handmade and the character-filled, their Natural Wonders Collection showcases the best in naturally inspired furniture and lighting.

Expedition Arm Chair, Kazu Floor Sculpture, Stelling Lamp – Natural Wonders Collection
Antilles – Natural Wonders Collection

One of our favourite pieces from the collection is the Antilles, these pieces are delicate and detailed, handcrafted and reminiscent of elegantly shaped corals

Another on-trend material is fossilised clamshells. These curious fossils are found on the top of remote mountains in Asia, often embedded in ancient lava flows. The clamshells have been inlaid in a cast base. It’s these quirky layers of natural materials and finishes that help connect us with the natural world, transforming us from our suburban landscape.

Versed in the beauty of the wilderness, Raffia furniture combines a warm palette with rugged elements to create a refined sense of elegance. Raffia is a natural fibre harvested from a specific type of palm tree that grows in Africa, South America and the Philippines. The fibre is produced from a membrane on the underside of each individual frond leaf that’s taken off to create a long thin strand that can be dyed and woven, much like a textile. This versatile fibre has been used for centuries. Its soft but pliable texture has made it a popular material for covering furniture.

Regardless of your space merging the indoors with the outdoors is a way to make your home feel like a coastal oasis, a space to feel inspired and at ease.

About Shelly Boyd

Twenty years ago Shelley Boyd founded Boyd Blue in Sydney, selling handmade furniture, lighting, home decor and textiles sourced locally and from around the globe made from sustainable products.

Having achieved her desire to bring beautiful textiles to Australia, Shelly has gone on to expand Boyd Blue to service the niche interior design market with customised furniture and visual art. She currently manages a team of design professionals and has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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