During Melbourne’s fourth lockdown, Victoria family meat producer Castle Estate has been helping struggling Victorian Families with an innovative and affordable offer. Their Lockdown Meat Delivery Pack went on sale earlier this week and has been an enormous success. The Castle family explains that their pack offers more than $200 of value for $99, including refrigerated delivery to your door.

While individual packs vary slightly due to the availability of some cuts, a typical pack includes four chicken thigh fillets (skin off), 12 free-range eggs, two grass-fed porterhouse steaks, two 500g packs of beef mince, 450g of traditional BBQ sausages, premium short and streaky bacon packs (300g each), a lamb rack or leg roast and four lamb loin chops.

Castle Estate is a family-run operation in Western Victoria

‘With the Lockdown’s hitting families hard, we wanted to do something that was within our capability to offer our support to our fellow Victorians during this challenging time’, says Steven Castle. 

‘We believe that family is everything, and enjoying great food with the people you love is one of the joys of life. So we hope you enjoy this selection of tasty meats that are some of our family favourites during this lockdown.’

 A legacy of 100 years of humane farming practices here in Victoria speaks to the Castle family’s unwavering dedication to boutique animal rearing for premium quality meats.

Castle Estate’s mail-order boxes make feeding the troops healthy and affordable

A project of love, Castle Estate naturally cultivates exemplary meat, free from artificial intervention or hormones. With pride, all animals on the farm are treated with tremendous respect. The overall experience for the animals is a better quality of life, freedom to roam the expansive paddocks, shelter under trees and protection inside farm sheds on the coldest of winter nights.

Cattle have the freedom to roam the expansive paddocks

The philosophy of the Castle Family has always been, ‘the better they live, the better they taste’. And so, from terrain to table, enduring respect for the animal is balanced with a dedication to producing the most delicious and indulgent farm-fresh Australian produce.

Undeterred by demand, the Castle Estate ethos is guided by nature’s instincts, versus man’s greed, with a century of family-farming heritage upheld by the Victorian-based Castle clan.

‘Compassion is paramount to us when it comes to rearing animals for food. Ultimately, a stress-free, happy animal results in nutritious and consciously-cultivated produce,’ explains Steven.

The Castle way also omits any long-haul travel, with the paddocks situated in close proximity to the on-site Abattoir. Removing the travel component results in less stress for the animal – no need for suffocating trucks piled high with animals together or an overfilled stockyard ‘imprisonment’ before slaughter.

Earlier this week, lamb leg roasts were all sold out due to the enormous response. As a result, castle Estate has been replacing lamb leg roasts with other delicious cuts, as Castle Estate believes in using the whole animal – nothing should go to waste. 

Castle Estate’s Beef Tomahawk Steak

About Packaging & Transport

Castle Estate uses prime safe registered refrigerated vehicles to deliver all their meats. All meats are individually wrapped using cryovac packaging technology, enabling the meat to stay at its optimal freshness for longer. The meat will appear slightly darker in colour due to the lack of oxygen but will return to its lighter shade once rested out of the packaging before cooking.

Lockdown Meat Delivery Pack

The Castle Estate Lockdown Meat Delivery Pack offers more than AUD 200 value for only $99 and including delivery. Available until Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Post-June 15, a new pack including rib-eye steak, eye fillet, lamb rack and more will be available online for the same price of just $99.

Order online now at:

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