In 2011 artisan baker Louise Ritchie began a heath-focused fascination with natural slow-ferment breads that can make gluten more digestible. Fast forward to 2020: while her artisan loaves are simply the best we’ve ever tasted, Lou’s sourdough crumpets are now the big-ticket winners.

In 2011 her passion was driven by necessity – to improve the diet of her two sons. So began a self–education process with a simple sourdough starter made from just organic Australian flour and water. Then in March 2014 and she’d registered a new business name and produced her first commercial bake of 18 loaves.

Today Louise and her small staff roll out an impressive 350 loaves of bread a week from their tiny 48-square-metre bakery within Beechworth’s community-focused Boiler House Lane Precinct.

Silver Creek Sourdough bread

While her artisan loaves are simply the best we’ve ever tasted, Lou’s sourdough crumpets are the big-ticket winners. The griddle plates are flat out cooking crumpets constantly to meet the weekly demand of more than 350 packets of 6. Bung some Beechworth honey on these gems and your brekky is sorted!

Silver Creek Sourdough crumpets

Silver Creek Sourdough
Call for stockists in your area, as products are now distributed in Victoria  and in Sydney by Door Step Organics.

42 Gilchrist Ave, Beechworth, Victoria
Tel 0413 087 563

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