It’s time to wine and dine on the Apple Isle

Why eat in a bland room when you can dine in an orchard, on a tiny island or in an art gallery? New restaurant openings in Tasmania show what a creative bunch get up to when they’re hungry. Leading the pack is the The Lounge by Frogmore Creek (winery), which has hung its shingle in the MAC01 building on Hobart’s waterfront. It serves not only lunch and dinner, but also a cheeky little supper featuring Tassie’s fresh seafood with an international twist:

The Lounge by Frogmore Creek

Otherwise, cast your gaze over the new wing of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), inspired by the fabled lighthouse (Pharos) of Alexandria, and its Faro tapas restaurant. Cosy in with empañadas and manchego & leek croquettes, or step way outside the box and order a black margarita with a pig’s eyeball on the side:

Thirty minutes south of Hobart, the new Taste House by Woodbridge Smokehouse is set amid an orchard in Woodbridge, looking out to Bruny Island. Its smoked salmon and trout have a well-deserved cult following, and the Taste House runs smoking and brining tours on Thursdays and Fridays:

If you can’t get enough islands, Flinders Island, in the Bass Strait, has opened its new A Taste of Flinders store in the island’s biggest village, Whitemark. Its modest population of 150 will undoubtedly see an influx of hungry tourists, who can chopper in or take a light aircraft from Bridport or Launceston (that’s Lonnie, to the locals) for a fly-in lunch of wallaby, scallops, local lamb and wine:

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