Founder and owner Yew Kong Tham of Ginkgo Leaf, in Woollahra, NSW has a magnificent eye for detail. His store’s focus is to import only well-crafted, beautifully designed contemporary Japanese household items such as ceramics, porcelain, glassware, wood crafts, ironware, bath and bed textiles and other unique pieces that bring delight to their users.

The store’s name originates from the beauty and uniqueness of the Ginkgo Biloba tree and its delicate, uniquely shaped leaves (pictured). The Ginkgo tree has been deemed a ‘living fossil’, with ancient examples clearly related to the modern Ginkgo tree discovered only recently. ‘We are impressed by this living fossil’s hardiness, its elegant form and adaptability as ornamental trees used in contemporary urban environments,’ says Yew. ‘We hope our name signifies some of the most distinctive characteristics of the Ginkgo tree as it is our endeavour to gather objects for those who appreciate good design and beauty in their daily lives, both to look at and to use.’

New in-store at Ginkgo Leaf are the delicate range of Meshiwan handcrafted porcelain bowls by Simplicity (we adore them!); Hibiki ‘Echo’ wind chimes by Kyujo that feature gentle and very long-lasting bell tones; unique festive paper wreaths that add softness and tranquility to any space, and the very sweet set of brass animal ornaments by Nousaku (the rabbit is pictured below). Each item is hand polished to perfection by skilful craftsmen and will develop a rich patina as time passes.

Ginkgo Leaf products have featured in countless magazine articles including: Donny Hay, Home Beautiful, Inside Out and Gourmet Traveller. Items can be purchased online and gift cards are now available.

Image, pictured from left to right: Brass Animal Ornaments by Nousaku (4 animals: pig, cat, rabbit and squirrel) $159 each, Kashi Wan (Oak Bowl) by Kihachi $85, 3 Conifer Woods Trivet $60, KAMI Shot Glass $30, Sakura ‘Cherry Wood’ Cup $89

Ginkgo Leaf
22 Queen St, Woollahra NSW 2025
Tel 0487 809 069

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