It’s not often that Essentials rolls out a little story on office furniture, however frequently we do explore retail products that we consider artisan, impeccably crafted and down right brilliant.

In keeping with our desire to inform readers of great experiences, plus a desire for developing greater workplace health – considering we also spend long hours in front of the computer screen – it’s difficult to ignore the nifty little invention we were recently introduced to that made us stand to attention. The awesomely (instantly) configurable standing desk solution called Varidesk.

Now available in Australia, Vardiesk offers a range of standing desk solutions that allow you to stand up comfortably while working. Each of their desks is easily adjustable so that you can change the height that best suits you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. They’re built like tanks and are counter-balanced weighted so large PC monitors and elbows can be accommodated along with coffee mugs, keyboards, mice, and or laptops… or wine glasses!

Varidesk ProPlus – Durable Black Finish

Regarding one’s health, it’s likely that one time or another you’ve read or heard about the possible health risks relating to sitting for too many hours, and how breaking up your day by moving about, changing your seated position to standing, or talking a walk is well advised. Obvious risks might include obesity and weight gain as calorie burning and metabolism starts to shut down, but for many, back and neck pain and poor posture injuries are common, but these can be preventable. Low energy and productivity as-well-as sore shoulders and headaches have in the past plagued this weary writer, but no longer thanks to daily use of Varidesk’s Pro36 model – seriously!  And no you don’t get a set of steak knives with it, but it is truly fantastic! The Pro36 is a spring-assisted manually height adjustable standing desk designed for dual monitors. While there are electrically assisted models are available, the manual spring-loaded movement is fast to operate and makes light work of shifting a fully-loaded desk complete with a super heavy Eizo graphics monitor.

According to Varidesk by splitting your time 50-50 between sitting and standing, you will also be able to improve your physical, metabolic and even mental health, resulting in a more productive and happier work day. Further to this, reports (very logically) show that standing will burn 50% more calories than sitting. This means that you can burn 50 more calories per hour, which accounts for 200 per day and 50,000 per year. The regular exercise and movement also lowers the chances of diabetes, as insulins effectiveness can drop to 40% by standing for a short time. All good news in terms of health, now I’ll drink to that 🙂 !

Varidesk ProPlus-36

Things we love about Varidesk:

Superior Stability: Varidesks feature a weighted base to minimise movement during use.
Easy to Use: Manual models feature a spring-assisted lift, making them easier to operate.
Durable finishes: heavy-duty materials (powder coated steel and aluminium)
The complete warranty: It’s for the entire product, instead of just part or piece.

Essentials staff chooses to use the Varidesk Pro36 

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